Sturgeon and bass fishing 45 minutes from Boise!

These trips are great for out of town guests, families, business associates and those wanting to learn the fishery close to home!  There is no need to travel 3 to 5 hours north to experience a great jet boat fishing trip on the Snake River!  

Idaho Sturgeon

8 Foot Snake River Sturgeon


A typical Snake River sturgeon is anywhere from 5 feet to 8 feet with the occasional 9 footer.

The Fight


Typical fights can last anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins. The fights are great for multiple people or one person if you're up for a challenge!

7 Foot Snake River Sturgeon


Fun prehistoric fish close to home! Great  for out of town guests, families, and business associates.

Idaho Bass



Fun and easy to catch fish with a large variety in size. Especially great for kids who want to catch a lot of fish.



Doubles tend to happen often when fishing is good. It can be very fun for everyone when fishing is good. Beautiful bronzy smallmouth bass.



Sometimes when fishing is really good you can get triples. When fishing is this good it can be addicting and hard to put the rod down!